Clara Harmer R&C


I have been an active rep for over 18 years. During this time I have been a member of the GEC, chair of the GWAC, vice chair of the DMAC, on the National Disabled Members forum and the National Womens forum. I know I can bring my knowledge and experience of equality issues to the GEC.   

Over the last couple of years, we have yet again shown our adaptability, dealing with huge numbers of changes in the way we work. Instead of thanks for all the effort and hard work we have put in we have had to watch our status go from heroes who kept the country running to work-shy villains. All of this whilst dealing with a cost-of-living crisis.  

Members are facing more and more pressure to be one phone lines and for those already on the phone lines to take more calls. The failure of the telephony system has been ignored and the hardworking members blamed for the failure to meet targets. This failure is also being used to pressurize people to return to working in the office, with no real benefits to the business but detriments to our members. 

This pressure to return to the office is despite the department’s own response to questions assuring that there has been no drop in performance due to people working from home. Therefore, why are so many individuals who would benefit from working from home being forced to return to the office?  

A lack of trust in the workforce with many feeling that if we are not being observed we must be slacking off, again this has been disproved due to there being no drop in performance. Therefore, the only possible answer is political ideology, not staff welfare. As part of the GEC I would fight to maintain your welfare whilst working be it at home or in the office. 

It seems that in the rush to force people back into the office that equality has taken a bit hit. As part of the GEC I would fight against this and fight to get equality taken into consideration in all decisions. 

As a socialist, member of LU and a PCS rep I have been involved in many previous campaigns, have seen first hand how we can win when we work together, and I would be proud to continue my involvement as a member of the GEC. 

Whilst chair of the GWAC I was involved in the negotiations which led to the department agreeing to supply sanitary products in HMRC toilets. A great win for our members. 

As a member of the GEC, I’ll endeavour to make sure your voice is heard. I will fight to protect your rights, your terms and conditions and your jobs. I will also fight to ensure we have a properly staffed department, which will mitigate many of the problems we face daily.