Chris Clarke DWP


I am privileged to be nominated for this DWP role. I have played an active role within PCS for over 20 years. I am currently branch equality officer,  organiser and learning rep. In addition,  I have been a committee member for group equality and group women’s. I believe that these experiences have stood me in good stead for the GEC role. I take these roles very seriously attendance is 100%.I am passionate and committed to fighting for our members. Their problems and concerns have always been a top priority for me. I always raise any issues at branch and group meetings. 

I have never been afraid to challenge the employer on behalf of members. If I am lucky enough to be on the GEC I will ensure that I work as hard as I can to raise awareness of members concerns. I would also love to promote the work of PCS reps and their successes. 

Please vote for me and other LU  candidates.