Cathy Darcy R&C


I have worked in HMRC since 2001, a union member since day 1, and have been a PCS Rep since 2004. I am a lifelong socialist, and long serving member of Left Unity. I have held positions at office, branch, and national level. I am currently a member of the Northern Ireland Branch (Disability Rep). I have previously served on various national committees and the GEC three times.

Equalities have suffered the biggest impact of changes within HMRC. Disabled members, carers, minorities, and staff in lower grades have suffered the most due to already introduced/proposed changes. If elected I will fight to protect our most vulnerable members, improving existing terms and conditions, ensuring agreed PACR changes are introduced fairly and justly, and interpretation is challenged when needed.

The GEC must position itself to understand the issues its members face on a day-to-day basis. Being an active personal case worker gives me a good understanding of this. This has driven me to stand again for a GEC position and if elected, I will fight to ensure that the GEC is closely linked to members, addressing their concerns.

If elected I’m committed to:

  • Fighting to protect terms and conditions of all members
  • Fighting to protect/support those facing uncertainty/upheaval
  • Fighting to improve the terms and conditions for carers/part time workers/disabled/minority members
  • Fighting to protect pension rights for all staff

The union must put itself in a strong position to defend members. We must ensure our members can provide for themselves and their families by protecting their existing terms and conditions, looking to the future, beyond current agreements, to secure the best future for all. Our strength lies in developing and advancing our collective membership.

We face challenging times ahead, as a union we have a responsibility to deal with these issues head on and protect all our members. During this time, it is more important than ever that the union presents a united voice and I believe a strong GEC can and must deliver that.

Thank you in advance for supporting my request for election, I hope to have the opportunity to represent you moving forward.