Carol Revell DWP


I joined the civil service in March 1999 and I became a trade union rep within a couple of weeks of joining as there was no rep in my office. Since then I have held many varied roles and I am currently elected to the GEC and the Group Safety Officer.

I am proud to be an active member of Left Unity and part of the GEC leadership that has led from the front throughout this pandemic.

During this last year the continuation of the Covid19 pandemic has pushed the GEC leadership, health and safety reps and myself as Group Safety Officer particularly hard, especially as dealing with a department that blindly follows the government lead as opposed to the safety of its staff. I do not believe any of our offices are Covid safe, especially front facing offices where cramming more people in has become more important than staff or customer safety.

If elected I will continue to fight for our offices to be safe and will challenge behaviours that endanger our members and the public.

As a safety rep I had to learn and help others to learn how Covid and its various mutations work, and the importance of ventilation as well as the technical aspects of it. This has highlighted how old and run down many of our offices are. These challenges will continue in the months ahead as not only will we need to deal with older offices, but the newer REEP sites and HUBS are not designed with staff comfort and wellbeing in mind, but based on the numbers that can be fitted in these offices. This and hybrid working will be continue to challenge all of us post Covid.

In my role on the GEC I have worked with safety reps throughout the group to ensure that workplaces are as safe as possible, while supporting many other reps who had to pick up health and safety issues in their workplace.

The year ahead will not be easy, which is why we need a Left Unity GEC to continue fighting on safety as well as all the other issues our members face. DWP Group also needs to be a central part in the national campaign, fighting for a cost of living rise on pay, and challenging the government about the pension robbery that our members suffer, while being ready for any further attacks on the CSCS. We also need to prioritise staffing and fight to keep all our existing staff, including making all FTA’s permanent, while campaigning to keep all of our estate.

I commit to working closely with branches and members, in the best traditions of PCS as a democratic, member led union.

I am seeking re-election to the DWP GEC to continue the work we have done and still have to do. I have the experience and feel I have proven my commitment to help provide effective leadership, and if re-elected I will prioritise the needs of members in DWP above factional interests. I believe that Left Unity are best placed to represent our members in DWP and I would urge you to vote for me and my LU colleagues.

Carol Revell