Bridget Corcoran DWP

For DWP Assistant Secretary

As Group Assistant Secretary I have fought to address matters of discrimination and injustice that our members encounter and am asking for your support to continue that fight. I value all experiences from our members to campaign for change with a collective voice. Greater participation from members makes our union stronger and I will continue developing forums for our members to raise their views and experiences, taking those forward to bring policy change in DWP.

I’m asking for your support as a Left Unity candidate, with an absolute conviction that this team is the best placed to take our members issues to DWP. We have demonstrated a commitment to our members that is tireless. We have forced concessions form the employer by smart, experienced negotiations, proving this team is ready and able to continue the fight.

Our negotiators have coupled effective strategy with integrity and principle, to benefit our members and win concessions from the employer. The Left Unity GEC have faced down threats to the safety of our members and the public, have fought for our members’ rights under equality law and have campaigned and championed the cause of our outsourced workers.  

These fights are constant and critical. And it is vital that we can succeed in the coming elections and continue the work of fighting for our members in DWP – vital for our members, their families and the public.