Bridget Corcoran DWP

For DWP Assistant Secretary

I am asking for your support to stand for re-election as Group Assistant Secretary, to continue to work with the Left Unity team who have the principle, experience and the strategic abilities our members need in these challenging times.

As a Branch Secretary of a large DWP branch, I see the impact of stress, pressure and lack of pay on our members in all directorates, including RSD, CFCD, PIP, CMG, Corporate and Jobcentres. Members are not given the value they deserve, even after working through a pandemic, delivering an excellent service. They deserve a leadership which will achieve the best for them.

If re-elected, I will carry on pressuring the department to improve our members working lives. I will continue to demand the department improve procedures in dealing with racism, sexual harassment and workplace adjustment provision. I will challenge for fairer treatment of our members with caring responsibilities who often struggle to balance work and family commitments.

We have far too many instances of bullying and discrimination and I will continue to confront a work culture which allows this to thrive.

This is a critical time for our members, we must:

  • oppose any job losses and unnecessary office closures
  • support collective action to improve pay, pensions and standards of living
  • challenge discrimination in workplaces
  • oppose privatisation
  • protect safety at work for all members
  • activate members in all our campaigns

Please use your vote and support our Left Unity GEC. It would be a privilege to be re-elected and continue to represent PCS members with this team: