Bash Chilwan DWP

For DWP Treasurer

All our members will be aware of the successes of the Left Unity led GEC throughout the pandemic in the the past two years action by the DWP Left Unity Group leadership has been at the forefront of prioritising our members safety as well as keeping our families and communities safe

We can be proud the Left Unity leadership –

–  Have forced a hostile employer to allow the vast majority of members to work from home

– Won concessions by negotiating HR and Health and Safety policies that protected members inside and outside the workplace including a significant schools policy. 

– Pushed for and won the significant gain of BAME risk assessments to protect our black members a civil service milestone 

 – Running two ballots resulting in improvements for members in Jobcentres.

– Forced a climb down by the DWP to force our members back into offices as part of hybrid working in late 2021

– Having unprecedented membership consultation throughout the pandemic the Zoom safety meeting in December 2021 was the single biggest member event in PCS history and gave our union huge leverage showing the level of membership anger about the employers attitide to safety

On staffing getting the majority of FTAs and Direct Temporary Recruit (DTR) members in the AO grade being made permanent as well as gaining additional staff being brought into DWP across directorates, Left Unity continues to fight for far more staffing across DWP

– With our members behind us forcing concessions from DWP over the requirements for members in jobcentres to hold interviews face to face

The cost of living crisis impacts us all and is getting worse in 2022 with crippling energy food and housing costs inflation is out of control, years of pay freezes have eroded living standards, fair pay is paramount and we know pay worries all our members

As we all move into a national civil service wide consultative ballot over pay and pensions we need strong leadership and resolve to make it better for our members only Left Unity can be trusted to deliver on these reasonable demands, our members deserve dignity in pay mere political platitudes by those in charge does not pay the bills members should not have to resort to second jobs or food banks

Only a Left Unity led leadership will continue to represent you without fear or compromise, LU negotiators are extremly experienced and have an excellent track record fighting and winning gains for members

We know its also about social justice and fairness the Left Unity leadership continues to work with campaign groups to fight to keep vital services for the most vulnerable 

Together and united we are stronger and making a tangible difference for our members and their families so whether its pay, pensions, staffing, keeping sites open and above all safety Left Unity makes the difference.

Bashir Chilwan