Austin Harney

I work in the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) that looks after the money of mentally incapacitated clients, within the Ministry of Justice (MoJ). I have been a PCS/CPSA union member since 1991. I saved hundreds of jobs in the OPG and the Youth Justice Board, by parliamentary lobbying. I am fighting thousands of redundancies in Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service. MoJ has the lowest paid administrative staff in the Civil Service of which national campaigning is vital. We must re – build our membership with a Representative and Advocate in every workplace that can defend our jobs, pay, terms and conditions. 

I am Autistic but, only, 16% of us have full time employment with a further 9% in part time jobs. My union saved me from dismissal. I am thanking PCS through personal case representation including Employment Tribunals, especially for disabled members. I promoted Autism/Neurodiversity training in the Civil Service. I am on the PCS National Disabled Members’ Forum and the TUC Disabled Workers’ Committee. Currently, I am fighting to protect our members from the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, as more than two – thirds of people who died, have disabilities.

I pay £20 per month to the PCS Fighting Fund and support picket lines in other government departments. I represent members in the Private Sector as we are pressurising the government over the living wage for every security guard and cleaner in the MoJ. I re – invigorated the National Health and Safety Committee with the National Hazards Campaign. We need further campaigning against bullying, discrimination, stress and deteriorating mental health. I liaised with Trade Unions, internationally, especially in Ireland and the Middle East. As second generation Irish, I campaign for the rights of Black, Asian, Migrant and Ethnic Workers within the TUC. As a result, I have pushed for a historic meeting with the MoJ on behalf of Traveller, Gypsy and Roma rights in the Civil Service. I campaign against Climate Change. Jointly with the TSSA, I have established the first Environmental Sustainability and Just Transition Network Committee within the TUC London, East and South East region.

I supported Mark Serwotka as General Secretary. A united leadership in working with him is vital, if we are to resist more attacks. As a Labour Party Socialist and PCS Left Unity member, I ask you to vote for the Democracy Alliance.

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