Angela Grant

It has been a privilege to serve our members as an NEC member since 2017, while also being elected as Group Assistant Secretary in DWP. I am currently chair of my branch and chair of the CMG Area Trade Union Side in addition to my national positions.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought many challenges for PCS members and I am proud to have been part of a National Executive that was ready and able to respond; immediately setting the five tests for safer working, negotiating with Cabinet Office to ensure no detriment to pay, pressing for more members to work from home, and advising branches on steps to take to implement their right to safety under S44 of the Employment Rights Act.

As a strong advocate for equality, I sit on the National Women’s Forum and National Black Members’ Committee and I strive to ensure that all of our members’ priority issues are addressed. I have spoken on behalf of our leadership to confirm our commitment to the rights of our Trans members, I was integral in bringing our Black Members issues onto the national bargaining agenda, and in our pressing for a review of how employment tribunal cases are assessed.

As a member of the National Bargaining Committee, I sit on the National Trade Union Side that has consulted with Cabinet Office on HR issues, including mental health first aid and the Government Property Agency. We have also continued to press for central funding for period dignity in the workplace.

I am a visible and vocal advocate for the rights of our members, and I actively support our union’s campaigning on pay, pensions, and against the further cuts to the CS Compensation Scheme; our members still feeling the brunt of austerity, I am passionate in the wider fight to end the attacks on public services and for the reinstatement of a fit for purpose social security system.

To achieve our union’s aims it is vitally important that we have strong NEC members with the ability to articulate, reason, campaign hard, and win; the Democracy Alliance comrades have that ability.

Please give myself and the Democracy Alliance your support in the national elections.

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