Andy O’Donnell R&C

For R&C Treasurer

  • Approx. 25 years’ Branch Rep & Chair for NWCL Branch. GEC Treasurer since 2019. Current lead for B&C & CDIO areas within the GEC, supporting personal case work and campaigns across R&C.
  • Detailed knowledge/experience of personal case work, backed up by legal training supporting members up to ET/PI claims (presenting cases). Results include re-instating members following dismissal and (collectively) pursuing a successful 500k disability claim against employer.
  • Strong experience of negotiations and employee relations working closely with BTUS and branches to ensure our members concerns are clearly heard and acted upon.
  • Long experience organising for PCS/Pay campaigns, communications with members both internally and externally (social media, photography, video), speaker at meetings across R&C branches.
  • Official role experience include managing learning areas, develop & deliver training, signposting PCS & ULRs, inducting new members and encouraging managers to join/work with PCS. Mental Health Advocate & Stress Tool facilitator.
  • Lifelong socialist (born & raised in a mining community) working with local trade council groups and other unions.
  • I am seeking re-election to the GEC as treasurer and to continue to provide the support for members through this role. De-funding within the public sector has brought us to the industrial turmoil we now see every day within the media. With ongoing and growing resource shortages members are struggling and the department is pinning all its hopes on digital improvements to bridge this gap. These changes will have their own consequences and won’t deliver the support our members need right now. Following PaCR we face continued efforts to roster and schedule workers where discussions can often lose sight of the flexibility and discretion that is available. Our members work hard, have faced significant change within the workplace and are additionally struggling with the challenges of the cost of living crisis. It is absolutely vital that we continue to build support towards the national campaign and maintain this pressure to deliver the improvements our members need as well as continuing to improve the culture within HMRC to balance workers needs against those of the employer.