Adrian Hedley

I have been a member of PCS for 14 years, joining when I started employment in 2007. I became active in the union almost straight away as a workplace rep, and I have held several roles during my time in PCS.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact the lives of ourselves and of our families in every way possible. In the workplace, the pandemic has underlined just how important the work is that our members carry out, not only in the Civil Service but also right across the commercial sector.

The pandemic has also highlighted the importance of being part of your union and the key role that unions play in the safety of our workplaces and keeping our members safe.

I am employed within the Commercial Sector and have served since 2014 on the Commercial Sector Association, currently as Vice President.

Being one of the smaller groups within PCS, it is vital that the Commercial Sector’s views are represented at a national level and on the NEC. Our members working for private sector employers are in an unenvious position; facing the constant threat of TUPE, the worry of work being transferred, further outsourced or off-shored. Fighting, on a daily basis, for what should be the most basic of employment rights – Trade Union recognition and the right to collective bargaining.

I have been a member of my GEC since 2009 and a group negotiator on pay since 2012. During my time on the pay team, we have been successful in negotiating agreements with the employer, such as a commitment to the Living Wage Foundation rates of pay and more recently, a minimum full-time salary of £20k (or 25k for Team Managers)

Many of our members in the Commercial Sector are employed on Government contracts, so feel the devastation that cuts and austerity continues cause to public services. As a rep, I take pride in protecting and defending our members’ interests, promoting their rights and fighting their corner. I have always tried to ensure that members’ views are heard, their concerns raised and discussed at all levels whether it is within the union or with management.

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